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Welcome to B’totties!!

In a fresh summer cocktail of spots and checks, B’totties is all about bursts of colour for girls, guys, kids, toddlers & babies!! It doesn't matter what your age if you can walk, run, sleep or strut, get those legs out in a pair of B'totties! Choose your colour with the flipside on your b’hind. It’s not pocket science, but it is a pocket full of fun!

GIRLS, get in the spotlight – throw your B’totties on day or night! Our colourful shorties are tailored for you. Why not go red with a splash of blue? B’spotted from B’hind.

Decking out B’tottie GUYS would require checking out B’tottie guys – actually…don’t mind if we do! A classic and comfy knee length style, these shorts are totally versatile! For day or night, go on check them out!

With a choice of floral, check or spot, the KIDS seem to have the pick of the lot! For ages 0-10 our mini tots will look super cute too!

Inspired by the beach, B’totties encapsulates the summer spirit of fun and frivolity all year round.

B’quick or you might miss out. Order online now!!